Welcome to Toy Soldier, the approved fanlisting and modest tribute for the violently unstable tree friend, Flippy. Flippy has always been my favorite character from the series--having initially been drawn to his over-the-top and incredibly dark (when he's Fliqpy, that is) nature. However, as an adult, I love Flippy for an entirely different reason and that is because, when he isn't flipped out, he is absolutely adorable--and, in some ways, tragic when his out-of-control PTSD comes into play. Flippy is a very special character to me. With that said, if you happen to be a huge fan of him as well, feel free to join! ♥

Version One of Toy Soldier features art of Flippy from the Season 3/Season 4 intros along with screencaps from By The Seat Of Your Pants, Random Acts Of Silence, In Over Your Hedge and A Vicious Cycle, respectively. Toy Soldier was designed using Clip Studio Paint Ex and coded using Notepad. Textures and patterns used in the design are from KihOskh714 and Subtle Patterns while the font was downloaded from DaFont.

"This emotionally tattered bear veteran will warm your home and leave no