Kirai.ORG was registered with Porkbun on August 15, 2022 and was officially opened on August 21, 2022. Kirai.ORG is currently hosted by Teacake Hosting. For those of you who may be wondering why this even exists, well, lemme enlighten you. Kirai.ORG was originally intended to be a portfolio as my main hobby happens to be drawing and, for the longest time, I had been wanting a small space of my own to showcase my work and had been spending quite a bit of time--and unsuccessfully at that, mind you--trying to think of an appropriate domain name to serve that purpose. Needless to say, my original plans proceeded to escape out the window, and I wound up going an entirely different direction instead. Which is what you see here. This jumbled mess of personal and fandom-related websites that probably have no business being online during this day and age.

So what is up with the name Kirai? While I can safely assure you this is not some weird left over from a preteen to teenager weeaboo phase, I can certainly say that using a Japanese word for my site was not exactly something I originally considered. Far from it, in fact! I have spent a considerable amount of time tossing around various names (most of which were taken, of course) and ideas but none of them really seemed to fit. I originally considered the idea of a .nu domain but it never went any further than just being that: an idea. After much (not really) deliberation, I decided that the requirements for my domain would be something short and easy to remember. Which is how I landed on Kirai: one of my favorite words (negative cannotation aside) as well as a former-star player in some of my early-day usernames. Upon finding out that wasn't taken, I immediately snapped it up--which is how this dumpster fire of a website now exists.

The network name, Innocent Monster Studio, is more or less of my own devising and--in some cosmic way--ties in with the theme of this domain. Which likely doesn't say a lot as Kirai simply means Hate in Japanese. But I digress. Kirai, on its own, is both a very cute looking and sounding word in my opinion, even though its definition certainly says otherwise--and I like to think that the network name is a more than fitting tribute to this word. Kirai, from all appearances, looks innocent to those that don't know what it means. To those that do, however, the word could not be more monstrous. Hence, the Innocent Monster Studio.

About the Owner

Nonbinary · Aromantic Asexual · Neurodivergent · INFJ

Hey, I'm Jae, and I'm the mastermind owner behind this domain. I'm an adult that happens to be not very good at adulting at all and instead spend most of my time drawing, reading, writing, gaming, eating or sleeping- and not even in that particular order. I have aspirations of both becoming more well-known as an artist and eventually studying to become a nurse. My interests tend to vary (hyper-fixation ftw) but the core interests that I have include Spongebob Squarepants (quotes from the show make up 99% of my vocabulary), Sanrio (especially anything My Melody or Kuromi related), Pokemon, Kittens, generally anything creepy and/or cute and, as of late, Cuphead- which was late to the party but joined the list anyway. When I'm not obsessing over something completely random and/or pointless, I like to practice building websites and designing layouts, and I would say that I've gotten pretty decent at it. I am also in the process of developing three different stories that I hope to eventually turn into webcomics. Eventually being the keyword here. I have the attention span of gnat and it shows. With all of that said, if you managed to make it all the way through my nonsensical drivel then congrats! You get a gold star.

"And the crow said..."